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According to a number of experts, an astonishing 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. Not only can wearing the wrong size of bra make your bust look less than its best, it can also be quite uncomfortable. You may think that you know your bra size, but you may be surprised! Before investing in gorgeous and luxurious lingerie, it is definitely worth measuring yourself to ensure that sure you are ordering the right size.

Many women never measure themselves or get measured by someone else in order to find their proper bra size. In most cases, a woman will try on a certain size in a store, it will feel ok in the dressing room, and then she assumes that she knows her proper bra size. From that point forward, she will purchase that size bra. Don’t make that mistake!

It is definitely worth being measured by a professional if possible, but it is also very easy to measure yourself. When taking measurements yourself, be sure to wear a bra that does not have any extra padding in order to obtain the most accurate numbers.

Band Size

To measure your band size, wrap a tape measure around your chest, under your arms and around your chest under your breasts. Ensure that the tape measurer that you are using is level, and snug to your body. After you have obtained that figure, add five if it is an odd number, and add four if it is an even number. This will determine the band size of your bra.

Cup Size

Bra measurements are made up of both a band size and a cup size. In order to determine your cup size, wrap a tape measurer around the fullest part of your bust. Take this number, and subtract your band size. If the figure equals 1, you are and A cup, if the figure equals 2, you are a B cup, etc.

How To Know That You Are Wearing the Wrong Size of Bra

Unfortunately, many women wear the wrong size bra for a long time. The following indicate that you may be wearing a bra that does not fit you:

The back band constantly rides up
Shoulder straps leave welts on your skin
The underwire does not lay flat against your body
Your breasts are spilling out of the top, bottom, or sides of a bra
When raising your arms, your bra does not stay flush against your body
Heiress Schaefer offers an incredible selection of bras to fit all types of figures! We invite you to look over all of the bras that we have to offer, and if you have any question about how they fit, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you in selecting a bra that will fit you perfectly, while making your breasts look their best.

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